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RE-BRAND JAMAICA W.I. | There is a artistic variety that exist at countless levels within Jamaica W.I. It is my belief that without loosing sight of the positive goals, the possibility exist to re-brand Jamaica W.I. as a ‘Live Events and Multicultural’ Destination that will enhance it’s Hospitality and Tourism sector, that would additionally, include the re-branding of our National Security and turn around the crime and violence in Jamaica W.I. The people are screaming in your faces for help. How much longer do you believe that you can turn a blind, eye?

It is my believe that Tourism will need some areas of the political arena to back off and allow Jamaica W.I. to shift progressively forward. eg: Carnival In Jamaica, Rebel Salute, Jamaica Jazz & Blues, Liguanea Art Festival, Sumfest, Sting, Utopia, Frenchmen, Brand – Merritone, Acropolis, Waterfalls, Usain Bolt’s Tracks & Records, Ribbiz, Food Festivals, Maroon’s – Acompong, Walk/ Run Marathons, Fun In The Son, Shaggy & Friends… to name only a few as I type. There is so much goodness in the unique Jamaican brands.  Here is a quick thought — What’s really there for family and kids for the World to fly into Jamaica, for? Festivals has it’s place, but as a culture we have grown past that and even that needs to be modernised in it’s presentation. I have never been a subscriber in playing ‘down’ to the people. It has not worked for Jamaica W.I. I, 100% support — raising the bar and allowing people to aspire and grow.

The extra-ordinary events that corporate sponsorship support, spins off to the ‘little’ people…and more. For the life of me, I still find it appalling to have the approach to ‘force people’ to do things. eg: license de handcart people dem. Force the people to use a newly built bus terminal downtown, that had you just listened keenly could have saved the country. But what is done is done – what is a progressive solution? Destroying lives and dignity by way of street side people’s livity, etc, etc..when there is still no solution to help people to prosper and grow. So sad. So selfish. How much meaner in spirit will you go? Hate and killing? Whatever man, that shit don’t work no more. The people don’t care. In fact, they might be happy if you took them out of the misery that YOU created and forced upon us all. Stand in your suits and tell people to keep doing this and that as they watch you grow fatter and fatter in your suits, travel at ease here and there, eating food in air condition…blah, blah…that makes sense to you?. I am not saying you can’t or shouldn’t…I am saying, how dare, you treat people like that!

Corporate sponsorship could look further at the possibility to exercise a bit more vigilance with what they choose to sponsor, that leads to growth, livity, peace, harmony and love of out ‘Out of Many, One People’ in that, revisiting sponsorship policies and holding the organisers to the greater good, for all and helping the relevant authorities to understand a progressive way forward that would be beneficial to all with branding. Part of such a policy, could include innovative ideas to enhance your standards.

I am not knocking the brand, ‘Sting 30’ and the Artists. If we stop the hypocrisy we will accept that it has a place in Jamaica’s arena — as the world of hip-hop and rebelism of individuality is still a struggle. You think that BET 2013 Awards featured brand, Jamaica W.I. for Dancehall because they had no other choice? Get real!

We all make mistakes and we all can recover from same. However, ‘Sting 30’, was a prime example — 30 Years…It’s time to seriously grow yourselves even more and master what you do in putting things in place to ensure that the acts not only, do not degrade themselves but also do not degrade your brand, ‘Dancehall’. Dancehall is still very much alive as a Jamaican brand. However, Magnum’s King & Queen with The Fluffy Diva – Miss Kitty and all others involved seem to be very much on to something positive in shifting progressively forward. Also, while you are paying attention to that, pay some attention to Jamaica’s Reggae and what it initiated and promotes. eg: Livity, Unity, Peace, Love, etc. Bob Marley from Jamaica to the World! What a Jamaican legend! Wow! Jamaica has so much musical, creative and artistic talents. It’s naturally intoxicating! For a taste of that, visit:

All is not lost. Search for the blessings instead  of the stress. It’s a time to embrace our own natural resources that leads to the ultimate goals of encouraging individualistic Wellbeing for the greater good of all and all that that, entails.

I believe that at this stage in life, that no Jamaican should have to suffer. I believe that if such fair-minded strategies dares to exist, that other sectors will become immediately open, for growth — agriculture, manufacturing, commerce and investment to name a few. It is rather unfortunate that ego and hype takes precedence which results in the nucleus being that of self-serving, closed minded and limited in it’s own growth as the goals seem apparent without much research to lock/ shut down everything where they can…impromptu. Huh? Like, seriously? –These goals must change from selling out yourself and your/ our Jamaican people with immediately replacing with new goals to building a better brand, Jamaica W.I. Cowardliness and fear won’t help either. Also, enough long talking and nag, nag, naging, already! Er, walk your talk…SMH, Sigh!

I dare say, that for 2014 make your journey toward stopping the stress factors and uplift each other and let’s grow. Everything else will fall into place once our people feel like a part of vs, being fought against — Try it! Stop the self hatred. I dare you with all my heart, soul and being to try things differently and begin to ‘free up’ Jamaica W.I. and make the people feel like a part of the growth and development vs being traumatised by your nastiness that you impose.

I am not pointing fingers or blaming any one; no need to. You know exactly who you are and how these thoughts connect with to you. I am just saying, it is what it is — it needs to stop. Let’s come together and shift progressively forward. Open your mind, to the endless possibilities that will touch, move and inspire all.

Positive change begins with, YOU.
Be Inspired.

With Kindest Regards,
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