Jamaica W.I.

Judy-Ann MacMillian - Bathing Beauty

This post was in fact a ‘New Year, 2014 FB Post’ that I did and shared with a modest 3,000+ individuals on January 01, 2014. I now, share with you.

‘Dear FB Family,
I wish to take this moment to say, thank you for being a part of the Jamaican Lifestyle. com journey and to personally wish you, truly — all the very best for 2014.

As Jamaican Lifestyle continues to strive to maintain our Jamaica Motto: ‘Out Of Many, One People’ and a positive brand, Jamaica W.I. 2013, for the majority in Jamaica W.I. proved very tough, rough and even a ugly ride for life and in degrading oneself and humanity at large. One cannot feel or see shame, if one chooses to not know same. Not knowing better, is no longer a good enough excuse. Even with illiteracy, it is unacceptable in today’s access to knowledge.

There is a nasty (Jamaican terms – ‘dutty’) culture that is being manifested at ALL levels — this must not be embraced and we must change, as such a journey cannot bring forth decency, respect, values and goodness of a progressive nation. Hate, prejudice, racism and tearing down of oneself and all others cannot be a way forward for Jamaica W.I. Stupid as that may sound to you — I dare say that, Love is the only way forward and it starts by you humbly appreciating and loving yourself.

In the interest of the greater good for all, if you are a leader, don’t make an ass of yourself in ‘looking good’ while just wearing the title and standing for nothing – are you a celebrated clown that people cannot be bothered with and smile you away or a leader?

I hope that those ‘in authority’ at all levels, and in all sectors be reminded that it’s the ‘little man’ with almost nothing who goes out there and support you, your family, your cause, your business and all who depend on you. You were chosen by the people to serve in the capacities that you do. It is a privilege – not a right. So please, I ask you to be reminded, to be kind where possible, it is always possible. And those on the receiving end, to change your cultivated ‘bad mind’ ways and begin to live in humbled gratitude.

I could not justify the sugar-coating crap in pretending that ‘all is well in fighting for a positive brand, Jamaica W.I. because, I would be lying to you. Enough, already! Of all the years in doing what I do, I have never seen such ugliness in my beloved country and my people. I am ‘nothing’ in my being and yet my thought is — Why should I have to stoop to an ugly lifestyle that is now proudly called, Jamaica W.I.? It is unacceptable, to me.

UGLY – 1. unpleasant or repulsive, especially in appearance 2. involving or likely to involve violence or other unpleasantness. What is on the inside, reflects the outside. It is what it is. I hope people will start being true to themselves. Love and plenty blessings — We are all going to need it in 2014.

Cheers!!…Jamaica W.I. – I will die, trying.’.
Be Inspired.

With Kindest Regards,
Thalia Chung, CLC, CCC, MCC.
Master Certified Coach
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Disclaimer: Views shared are entirely my thoughts. Thoughts influenced based on a combination of my own experiences, enlightenment and observations. The image included in this blog is a painting that I choose to share. In my opinion this painting depicts what I know as the natural warmth and serenity of our Jamaican people and our island, Jamaica W.I. This painting, ‘Bathing Beauty’ is by the World renown Jamaican Artist and Best-selling Author of the book, ‘My Jamaica’ – Judy-Ann MacMillian. An extraordinary woman that I have had the absolute privilege and honor to have crossed paths with. To be enlightened about Judy-Ann MacMillian’s work, please visit: JudyAnnMacMiillian.com. 2002 – 2014 Copyright, Jamaican Lifestyle. com | Thalia Chung. com | JudyAnn MacMillian. com ~ All rights reserved.