Jamaica’s Ganja

2014-Thalia Chung - Blog - Brand Jamaica's Ganja

Respectfully — I say, brand, Jamaica’s Ganja and build, Jamaica West Indies [Jamaica W.I.]. Jamaica’s has a natural herb that the World is in demand for – Jamaica’s Ganja. It is unfortunate that for the greater good of all Jamaicans in Jamaica W.I. that even at this point, Jamaica W.I. remains clueless as a progressive way forward in having the ability to manage this level of mass wealth.

I can only guess the ‘most high’ is giving all the time for that greedy state of mind – to stop, get it right, and prepare yourself for this natural cultivation that heals souls, minds and bodies. At this rate, you are obviously so limited in your current state of mind that you will never begin to understand that level of spiritual Wellbeing or just simple, Wellbeing. Why? because it starts with knowing, having and living your life’s values…

Hopefully we won’t have to wait another 50+ for integrity and independent proclamation of a Nation to be restored. Can we start positive change within ourselves, today? Like, now?…even with one baby step at a time with some sense of urgency that dares us to do things differently?

This Ganja business is obviously so evidently much too massive for Jamaicans to handle any time soon. Pity, because lots of Jamaican are starving and their dignity is gone. Have hope and faith because it’s never too late to get it right…begin to heal. Begin to love. So what, if you know no better? — It’s not acceptable with Internet access. Yes, positive change as a way forward is the order of the day…I’m just saying, because I need to. Open your mind — Ganja helps to heal and saves lives and so much more. Get with the program and stop focusing on the negative, but instead focus on the blessings from the ‘most high’.

The knowledge is there. Read it and enlighten your minds. It’s no longer good enough to accept mediocrity. I am all for a positive, brand Jamaica W.I. and I am prepared to die, trying. Ganja is one of the most beautiful plants in the world and in Jamaica W.I. with all de bun dem a bun it down…it still a grow, beautifully. What does that tell you? Who a de fool? You vs the majestically Most Highest, One that I, call – My God. If you think the latter, baby love, think again!

Be Inspired.

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